10 Tips To Getting An Esports Career

Follow these 10 steps to help you clutch your dream esports career!

As we lead into 2017, many of you will be considering a change of career or perhaps looking to get into esports for the first time. Whether you are currently in work or leaving school, this year is the best time to get into your esports career. The industry is booming and a highly desirable career path for many, meaning it’s very competitive. But don’t let this dishearten you, there are hundreds of career opportunities that are right for you! We’ve compiled a list of ten tips to help you land your dream esports career.

1. Get your CV right!

Imagine going into a business pitch without a business plan? Well your CV is exactly the same! Ensure your CV is interesting without actually giving too much away, so that you can add additional information in your interview.

2. Identify your skills

You want an employer to know all the skills you have! Even more so, you want the employer to understand how your skills can benefit THEIR company. This is vital, as the company looking to hire will want to understand how you can benefit their efficiency and effectiveness.


3. Identify their need

So you’ve found a job opening that suits you in every way? Think about why the organisation needs to fill this role. Like a good product, you need to identify a need and fill it. Find out why the company  is looking to expand with this position and make sure you understand what you’ll be doing to fill it.

4. Find the right company

Even though the role may suit your skill set, it’s important to understand the culture of the organisation recruiting. Does the companies ethics suit yours? Does the culture fit with your personality? These are important and key aspects that companies look for when employing. This is especially important within esports!

5. Use every possible route

Direct applications, personal contact, Linkedin, job boards… ensure all your bases are covered. Signing up to recruitment agencies and job boards like ours will ensure you get notified when jobs in your area come up. If you aren’t proactive with your search, you might miss out the perfect opportunity!

6. Prove you are the right person

Nowadays, a CV might not actually prove you can do the job. Ensure you’re proactive with the job you’re trying to get. Ask questions about the company, get engaged. Perhaps offer to do work placement to show your enthusiasm for the company. Or maybe create a bespoke presentation to show how excited you are about the role!

7. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Research the company, find out exactly what they do in and out. What esports games do they focus on… do they have sponsorships? Are they a data driven company? Gather as much information about the company as you can and raise discussion points! Take note of relevant market trends within esports and the companies competitors. The Esports Observer has a great amount of resources you can use to analyse market trends in esports. Use it to ensure you impress within your interview!

8. Tailor your CV to the positions

As esports recruiters, we see hundreds of CV’s each and every week. We can assure you that the CV’s that are tailored for the role they are applying for stand out the most! Ensure your CV identifies relevant skills needed for the role.

9. Your image

Don’t take any risk with personal perception. Ensure your online and offline presence does not conflict with anything an employer may see. Remember that the company you are applying for may well be researching you, so ensure your social media network sites and  blogs reflect you in the best possible way!

10. Don’t give up

Landing your dream career may take a while. The esports industry is highly competitive, but don’t give up. Persistence pays off and we can assure you, if you keep at it, you will have success!


Job hunting can be tiring, but there are plenty of resources to help you! If you are looking to step up your career or make a leap into the esports industry, feel free to get in touch with us. Don’t forget to register on EsportsForce to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity! You can also add your CV to our CV Pool which allows employers to directly see you!

If you have any questions about your job search, feel free to pop us a message on our live chat system or email us at info@esportsforce.net



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