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Michael Phelps Presents Best Esports Player Award at The Game Awards

The Game Awards 2016 starts today and the Olympic Gold-medalist Swimmer will be presenting an award. Geoff Keighley will be hosting The Game Awards 2016, which starts today at 9PM EST/6PM PST at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, will be there to give the ‘Best Esports Player’ award to one

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Halo Gets Esports Reality Show From ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Creators

Undoubtedly one of Microsoft’s biggest and most popular games is now getting it’s own ‘Ultimate Fighter’ style reality show. Halo studio 343 industries is partnering with Pilgrim Media, to film a competitive reality esports series for Halo 5: Guardians. This is the first production to come out of  Pilgrim’s previously announced partnership with Lionsgate studios and ESL to create exciting

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Professional LoL Player Speaks Out Against Fake Performance Enhancing Drugs Adverts

We’ve all seen them, esports supplements that can boost your play ability and make you play like a pro. As these new forms of esports performance enhancing drugs become more and more common, many of these companies have started to claim that professional players are taking them in their adverts. Although it is in fact speculated that esports has a

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UK eSports sets out recommendations to government to make UK a global esports destination

Monday 28 November 2016 – London, United Kingdom – eSports whitepaper launched today by games trade body in collaboration with UK esports sector to educate policymakers about the opportunities that esports presents to the UK The trade body for games and interactive entertainment consulted with members of the UK esports community and today released the results in a whitepaper outlining

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Amazon Makes Esports Casual with Champions of Fire Mobile Tournament

Amazon eyes “tremendous customer value” in expanding esports to mobile gaming. Amazon is making a play to bring esports to the casual market, with a new tournament centred on mobile and casual games. The Champions of Fire event is centred on games available on the Amazon Appstore. The company describes it as its “first-ever casual mobile game eSports tournament—where 16

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Facebook Is Taking A Harder Look Into Esports

Billionaires and technology behemoths see something in e-Sports. Now Facebook is taking a harder look, too. Recently The Information reported the social media giant firm has been in talks about streaming rights for Vainglory, a popular mobile e-sport title. You can’t blame them. Consulting firm Deloitte forecasts e-sports will generate $500 million in sales in 2016 with more than 150 million viewers. That’s up from $400

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10 Facts You Need To Know About eSports

It’s not surprising the the rise of eSports as a professional industry is huge, and is still growing. Peter Warman, Newzoo CEO says “The explosive growth of esports and the ongoing convergence of games and video provides the biggest opportunity for the games industry since the launch of the iPhone back in 2007. Supercell’s Clash Royale, the announcement of Rocket League

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