EsportsForce Holiday Gaming Giveaway

2016 is almost over, the holidays are fast approaching and everyone is getting in the spirit! It being a fantastic year for esports and gaming, we’ve seen many new careers, organisations, teams and we are so very thankful of everyone that has engaged with EsportsForce! So for our love of esports and gaming, we wanted to give our fellow gamers a little competition to win a very suave CS:GO Skin, The Royal Paladin. So if you play Counter-Strike, you should definitely enter this!

For the BEST chance to win this all you need to do get yourselves some tickets below, you can get up to 6 tickets for the draw! Winner will be announced on January 1st!

Good luck and happy holidays!

EsportsForce Christmas And New Year Gaming Giveaway

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What we are searching for: Someone who is passionate about competitive CS:GO and CS:GO esports Someone is enthusiastic, autonomous and reliable when given ownership Someone who combines creativity with ability to coordinate and plan complex projects Someone who has experience with social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram Someone who has experience with online community communication Job description

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