Esports Qualifications for School Students

This week Dexerto and SCL announced they have teamed up to provide students with an academy specifically for esports.

Dexerto & SCL’s program will be rolled out in the UK in early 2017. Providing successful students with government accredited BTEC National Level 3 Qualifications. For those of you that do not know, this qualification is equivalent to 3 A-Levels in UCAS points. Meaning that the qualification can also contribute to University acceptance within the EU.

The SCL have provided professional sports coaching to school children since 1999. They are one of the leading independent providers of education through sport, recognised by many schools, academies and governing bodies. The statement by Dexerto also highlights that the SCL program will provide Education, Training and Activities. This will involve offering a large amount opportunity for both students and teachers.

The continuous effort for esports to be recognised as a legitimate sport is ever more so apparent. Esports within schools is becoming ever more so common, with the likes of Norway’s Garnes Vidaregåande School already launching an Esports program for DOTA2, League of Legends & CS:GO in 2016/2017.

This year also saw Sweden’s Arlanda Gymnasiet school in Märsta launch an esports curriculum.

“No high school in Sweden has had an eSports curriculum, so this will be very exciting,” said Arlanda Principal, Andreas Eriksson. “We had a lot of interest with the program, with over 70 students that applied for seven places for the start. The students will receive the best possibilities to pursue a career in eSports.”

Could 2017/2018 be the year?

Could we see secondary school esports really kick off in the next few years? It definitely looks promising. It would be great to see more school adopting esports curriculum, allowing students to learn from things they are passionate for. It’s obvious over the past year, that Universities are taking on more and more esports programs with 7 universities in America offering scholarships. However, the challenge may be with the UK’s acceptance of esports as a recognised sport within schools. It’s safe to say it would create a lot of debate within our government. 2016 has seen a large growth of UK esports in education with more and more universities getting involved in society driven tournaments; such as Varsity Games which has had support from Gfinity & Sponsored by HyperX.

With Dexerto and SCL new BTEC Accreditation and academy Programs… could 2017 see a break through for Esports in Schools? With more and more career vacancies being created within esports, it’s definitely a promising thing for employers.

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