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Editors are the spiders in the web, when it comes to news. Without their guiding hands, there is chaos. Without their presence, missed deadlines.

They might not be the heroes Gotham wants. But we like to think they’re the ones Gotham needs.

If the big picture is what tickles your fancy, and you want a say in where we take this brand and what our tone is, read on. Odds are, you’re the one we’re looking for.

As our European News Editor,

We expect you to:

Assign and communicate content production with writers/freelancers

Copy-write and edit content from daily news cycle to unique content creation

Recruit freelancers and coordinate deadlines for pitched content

Organize editing and publishing responsibility with other editors to ensure smooth transition of work between regional time-zones

Ensure content quality and number of content published on weekly/monthly basis is fulfilled

Track data records of published works and relevant KPIs for evaluation

You could find more specific information about the position at the link:

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