How Many Career Opportunities Are There In Esports?

Not sure on how many opportunities there actually are in esports?

Many people looking for a career in esports often only think of the actual gamers and teams that are out there. But, what many do not see, there are actually thousands of esports jobs. Most of which don’t actually involve playing the games themselves. The world of esports, much like any industry, has a vast array of various career opportunities in so many aspects of the industry. For instance, imagine the likes of the recent ELEAGUE tournament last weekend. When hosting this event, their are people involved with production, broadcasting, publicizing, marketing, sales, sponsorship, technology, teams, players, branding… the list goes on! So, when you hear people say that there are not many opportunities within the esports industry – their wrong!

At the moment, we currently have 57 vacancies with esports organisations across the globe from Berlin, to LA. But obviously with this industry being such a attractive and promising career move for many, it’s often the case that vacancies go very fast, which might in fact be why people believe this. Whether you are a graduate looking to jump into the esports industry, or professional in another industry looking to make a change. We can almost certainly guarantee you that there is an opportunity out there. As an example, here are a few opportunities that we are currently recruiting for that you might not think would be involved in esports:

Marketing Manager

Back End Developer (Chat Bots)

Data Scientist 

Associate Graphics Designer

Sports Psychologist 

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