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We are a small team of developers/marketers/recruiters who’ve worked within the industry for around 10 years; based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. We set out our goal to combine our skills and create a dedicated platform for employers to see eSports driven professionals – ultimately filling a massive recruitment hole within the eSports marketing place. After recieving a sizable investment from external angel investors at the start of 2016 the team set to launch the platform in late 2016 to early 2017.
We believe that within the next few years, eSports will grow rapidly, with estimated growth by 2019 being projected at a $1B industry. Because of this, we know that the eSports workforce will inevitably rise – with more jobs and careers being created every week. As a solution, eSportsForce creates a place for job seekers and employers to find one solution for their needs. As we know and within our market research, most (if not all) employers within eSports require staff or candidates to know their industry and know the sport. Thus, cutting out the candidates that have no knowledge of this industry and going directly to their targeted candidate pool.

The key goals and aspects benefits eSportsForce provides within this market place:


  • Find employers recruiting in only eSports
  • Dedicated system allows candidates to connect with employers directly
  • Resume Pool allows candidates to get ahead of the crowd and be seen first by recruiting employers
  • Easy to use platform that allows candidates to find roles specified by any filter


  • Thousands of professional eSports Candidates in one place
  • Easy to use listing platform with direct contact to Candidates
  • Cost and time efficient
  • Resume Pool allows employers to search professionals candidates in our database
  • Dedicated recruitment support from our team of recruitment agents

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