Twitch Launches Live Vlogging Platform

The global leader in gaming streams Twitch has launched a new content category called ‘IRL’ for general interest and everyday broadcasting – for users to watch non-gaming streams.

Additionally, the company also adds that it will launch a native streaming app ability within it’s Mobile app next year.

This is a huge leap for Twitch, the announcement highlights Twitch’s move into steadily introducing non-game content on its platform as a means of broadening it’s audience, partners and advertisers. Similar to the Creative channel that they had launched last year. Furthermore, it’s apparent that this is a competitive step for the company to make to compete against the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter live video functions which are already integrated into the mobile apps.

“Today, Twitch is about much more than sharing live gameplay,” Annie Berrones, product marketing director at Twitch, says in a blog post. “While still steeped in gaming culture, Twitch has become a social video platform for all kinds of passionate people and communities, both gaming and non-gaming alike. … Launching today is an all-new content category called IRL designed specifically to allow you to talk to your community and share your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and everyday life.”

But the question that many have posed on their announcement is, will IRL take away the gaming culture in Twitch with generic video logging?

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Twitch’s new mobile broadcasting feature is set to go live next year, 2017. You can sign up for the closed beta by filling out this form.

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