10 Thinks You Should Know About Making It In Esports.

Wondering what you need to get into eSports?

Probably the most asked questions within eSports is how to actually get a job within it! Everyone is out there to get a cut of the cake within one of the most hottest gaming industry out there, I don’t blame them either! The good news is there are now more positions available than ever before and the industry will only continue to grow. Firstly, being on eSportsForce.net is a great step!

But how can you plant your flag and find your place and stand out to them employers?

1: Attitude.


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The basics of getting a job, anywhere! Before you even get started, check yourself before yo’ wreck yourself! You want employers, friends and family tohave a rounded positive, optimistic, problem solving attitude. Working within eSports business is a demanding feat and a good percentage of esports companies are still in start-up mode and are run by entrepreneurs. If you’ve got rep for being a bit of a neg’ around your friends, employers or whatever – that won’t sit well in that environment! Start with a winning attitude and you’ll smash it.

2: Effort.

By far, the most important thing in being successful in ANYTHING! Effort is the single thing that is controlled by you and you alone. If you’re not willing to invest your time and effort into something, you won’t get results. Learn discipline (check out content from the author Brian Tracy!). Set yourself goals and a schedule and stick to it. Example: if you’re a writer – create 3-4 articles each week; if you’re a designer, add 2 pieces to your portfolio each week etc. A lot of you are probably thinking, “well I’ve got my day job I can’t commit to that!” – yes, completely understandable but there is a lot of time between 6 pm and 1 am. Use those hours to pursue your eSports dream and someday you won’t need your day job. Be forewarned that eSports never sleeps. Be prepared to work 24/7 if needed. There’s no shortcut.

3: Evaluate your skills.

The eSports industry is very dynamic. We list jobs here from Graphics Designers to VP of Products. Before you start looking for a job in eSports, sit down and make a map of your skills, where you skill prioritize and how they can interlink with the industry. There’s no point just saying you want a job in eSports, if you don’t know what you are good at, right? Stick to what you know, stick to what your good at and focus your attention on that.

4: Network.

In ANY business, networking is VITAL for getting ahead within the eSports industry. The great news is that in the age we live in, this is super easy! Set yourself up on social media, start connecting with new people and engaging in new chats! You can make a pretty good name for yourself within the eSports industry just from your bedroom or mobile! Contribute to the community in a well written, thoughtful and positive manner! Don’t forget, employers will often look at your social media platforms before they get you in for an interview, so having a great network within the industry will be massively beneficial for you.


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5: Get out there.

Social media is awesome for networking and getting your name out there but nothing beats Face-To-Face contact. Get yourself to events, conferences, parties you name it! Wherever there are industry people, you want to be there. It creates talking points for yourself and will also give you lots of industry knowledge when going into a job. Making friends is very important and will get you far.

6: Study.

Probably the worst word in the dictionary, but studying is key. As your parents would have told you, ALWAYS do your homework. Study the industry, study the games. Stay up to date with eSports news, updates and events. Following popular podcasts, checking into news sites and keeping an eye on Reddit will always help you gather intel. More importantly, when applying for a job RESEARCH the company – know who the people are, what they do, everything you can. When an employer approaches you and you know everything about their company, they will be impressed.

7: Don’t expect it all.

Some are able to walk straight into an eSports job with a great salary. But as the industry grows, lots historically, have not. The reality for most of us, however, is we’ll need to start at the bottom and earn our chops. Don’t be afraid to volunteer. It’s a great way to network and show people what you’re made of. Keep a day job to pay your bills until you’ve progressed up the eSports ladder. Don’t be afraid to cut some losses to achieve your dream career, if you work hard, money will follow!

8: Make Noise.

When applying for different positions, it’s very helpful if you have a body of work that speaks for itself. Build a portfolio, profile and content for yourself. Example: want to become an eSports caster? Why not make a YouTube Channel and start casting yourself? These type of things are very easy to set up, and with the internet at your finger tips – it’s ready for the taking!


9: Be a good person.

This one should also be self-evident but judging by some of the characters we’ve seen in eSports, it sadly isn’t. From the very beginning, commit to yourself that you’ll always do the right thing. Be honest. Work with integrity and character. Be sincere. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, but set a goal to be the type of person you would want to hire if you were the boss. Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with quality people. Be a good person and they will seek you out.


As eSports continues to grow there will more opportunities but for each one that comes along a dozen people will want it. Keep an eye out here on eSportsForce for all the latest jobs, subscribe for the latest news and keep plugging away!

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