Esports Lawyer Posts Free Advice for Pro Players Signing Contracts

Better known online by his superhero-like moniker the Video Game & Esports Attorney, Ryan Morrison, has published some free advice on the website of the Morrison Lee Law Firm.

The blog lays out some advice for players who are in the position of potentially signing a contract with an organisation. It begins by firstly stating that anybody looking to sign a contract at this level should contact a lawyer and perhaps also gain an agent in order to protect the player. The post also gives some pointers for evaluating the quality of an organisation and touches on a few aspects of contracts beyond the length of the agreement and the salary. The main aspect of this post to take away, and most importantly, is that every player should be fully aware of what they are agreeing to when signing a contract – a point driven home by the post’s conclusion, which stresses that once a contract is signed, its terms are the only binding agreement between the two parties.

Read the advice here


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