Professional LoL Player Speaks Out Against Fake Performance Enhancing Drugs Adverts

We’ve all seen them, esports supplements that can boost your play ability and make you play like a pro. As these new forms of esports performance enhancing drugs become more and more common, many of these companies have started to claim that professional players are taking them in their adverts.

Although it is in fact speculated that esports has a PED problem, adverts such as this, posing to be a NBC news page are in fact extremely damaging to players careers and have been found across a number of target audiences, with esports the latest to get tricked.

Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg, Professional League of Legends mid laner for TeamSoloMid called out these adverts which claimed that he was about to be banned for use of a PED product, Synagen IQ.

In the aftermath of Bjergsen’s Tweets, Lol EsportsMatrix issued an apology stating:

[Regarding the false statement on Bjergsen on 27th Nov 2016]

Yesterday, we quoted an article “NBC: TSM Bjergsen Forced to Reveal His Secret May Get Him Suspended” from anonymous source without verifying the accuracy of its content, such negligence should not be tolerated in the future.

We are not in anyway affiliated with any product sales and certainly will not deliberately engage in any activities that promotes a certain piece of content through the expense of any members of the community.

We deeply apologize for being unprofessional in this incident, and promise this will not happen again.

This topic has sparked a lot of interest recently, and has been brought up by Richard Lewis in this video with Echo Fox CS:GO player, Ryan ‘Freakazoid’ Abadir.

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